With more than 15 years industry experience, Lumen 3D will ensure you stand out from the crowd. We specialise in the design and manufacture of 3D illuminated signage. Whether it be your logo, slogan, company name or directional signs, we will produce your requirements in 3D formed acrylic and illuminate it using LED technology.

For internal and external application, we use only the highest quality materials and electronic components. All jobs are executed to a high tolerance using CNC routing combined with hand forming.

Your package can be palletised/boxed and shipped Australia wide to your desired destination along with a detailed guide on the installation process. The LEDs are 12v meaning that the installation can be completed without having to employ an electrician. Simply run an extension lead through your roof space, bulkhead, wall cavity or awning and plug it in. Simple!



At Lumen 3D we offer a variety of services to fit your needs. We will manage the whole project from conception to creation.

Our marketing and design experts have the experience, vision and insight needed to create, manage and implement your solution. 

More information can be found on the services page.



The humble sign has come a long way over the decades and is such an important feature of your company's branding. Once in place, your signs attract potential clients or customers to your business. They also raise brand awareness and advertise your company's location. Enhancing your sign with lighting will help you get more out of your branding and attract even more people to your premises.


There are many reasons for
illuminating your signage, but the number one reason is to increase your visibility. There is no denying that a sign that is brightly lit up throughout the night is more visible than those without illumination. Even on those dull, stormy afternoons, a bit of lighting makes a big difference and will go a long way to giving you an edge over the local competition.



Lighting your sign throughout the night can help to lend your business an extra air of professionalism. Passers-by will see that you’re not cutting corners when it comes to making your business visible and that you take brand awareness seriously. If your business is new, it can also help to reassure some customers that you’re not a fly-by-night organisation and are in fact here to stay.



If you’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating a sign that perfectly illustrates your company personality, illuminating it can be a great way to get your brand message across and make the most of all that hard work. Lighting your sign can even help to give your business a little more personality as it can bring out various elements of your design and help to draw attention to your text, your font and your colour scheme.

Side Lit.jpg


Last but definitely not least, lighting your sign can be a good security measure.

Not only will the extra illumination around your premises help to deter opportunistic thieves, but also leaving the sign lit all night can make it harder for would-be thieves to work out if there’s anyone on site and therefore make it less likely they’ll attempt a break-in.