At Lumen signs we offer a variety of services to fit your needs, whatever they may be.

We will manage the whole project from concept to creation. Our marketing and design experts have the experience, vision, and insight needed to create, manage and implement your solution. 



The initial consultation will be to establish whether what we offer is suitable for you and your business. We will discuss things such as where the proposed signage is to be installed, the complexity of your logo or text, what services you would like from us, your design requirements and the expected time frame.



Unless you have detailed specifications for your proposed signage, a survey will be required before a quote is possible.


This is dependent on your geographic location. If you are within our service area of the Cairns region we will arrange a date and time for one of our friendly staff to attend your premises. They will take photographs, measurements and any other information that is relevant to the job.


If you are outside of our service area there are two options.


Option 1 -  We will attempt to contact a local sign shop and request that they carry out a site survey at you premises on our behalf. 


Option 2 - You carry out the survey yourself. We will talk you through the process and send literature with a step by step guide to what we require.


One of our experienced designers will get to work creating a digital mock-up of your proposed signage. We will provide you with a superimposed image overlayed onto the survey photographs. This will give you a realistic representation of what your signage will look like once installed. 



This is where the magic happens! We will get to work as soon as we receive approval from you.


If you are not within our service area or are taking responsibility for the installation yourself, your signage will be delivered to your premises either in a box or on a pallet depending on its size and weight.


If you are within our service area and have opted for us to carry out the install, we will arrange a time and date to attend your premises.


If you live outside our service area there are three options.


Option 1 - Depending on how far outside our service area you are, we can arrange for us to attend your premises at an additional charge per KM.


Option 2 - We will attempt to contact a local sign shop and request that they carry out the installation at your premises on our behalf.

Option 3 - You take full responsibility for the installation. We deliver the signage to your premises along with detailed instructions on the installation process.